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Promoting your Blog

by Kara Kelso http://www.2wahms.blogspot.com


Blogs are becoming increasingly popular, so as the number of blogs increases, so does the amount of questions on how to promote them.

Much like a website, you want your blog to be seen. There are many ways to promote your blog, a few of which I will discuss now.

~ Directories
Since blogs have become more popular, more directories for just blogs have appeared over the internet. Some are for specific types of blogs, such as http://www.Wahm-Blog.com. This directory and resource is made especially for work at home mothers (with a special section just for work at home dads too). Here are a few places you can submit your blog to:


Please thank Mike from IM4Newbies (http://www.im4newbies.com) for this wonderful list. In addition to this list you can also submit to http://www.GetBlogs.com and http://www.lsBlogs.com.

~ Traffic Exchange Program (BlogExplosion)
While I normally do not endorse traffic exchange programs due to the low quality (I do not care to see a million sites all promoting the latest scam), I do endorse BlogExplosion (http://www.blogexplosion.com/index.php?ref=karadawn). The only reason for this is because I am interested in reading other blogs, and I don't think of it as just a task to sit and read them. I enjoy surfing through blogs, and knowing I'm promoting my own makes it that much better. I've seen comments from BlogExplosion users that state the same thing.

~ Subscription Tools
Many now have readers or use other means to read all blogs they subscribe to from one place. Personally I use My Yahoo, since I use other tools from Yahoo and have always used it as my home page. Now I'm able to read blogs I subscribe to from my home page. You will want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to subscribe to your blog and come back to read again, so it's important you use all the resources you can. FeedBurner ( http://www.FeedBurner.com ) is an excellent place to set up your subscription tools. Also Bloglet ( http://www.Bloglet.com ) gives your visitors the option of entering their email address and subscribing to your blog via email.

There are many other ways to promote your blog, the same as you would a website. The ideas mentioned here pertain just to promoting blogs. For more information on blogs, be sure to visit: http://www.Wahm-Blog.com . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kara Kelso is the contributor of two blogs - A Tale of 2 Wahms (http://www.2wahms.blogspot.com), which offers tips for mothers on how to run a successful business online from home, and Shopping for Toddlers ( http://www.toddler-toys.blogspot.com ), which offers product reviews on toys for children 2-5.



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